Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Champagne, Anyone?

The restaurant business is largely one of brutally hard work with only a very few perqs. But every now and again, we do get to taste some cool stuff, and in this case, some really cool Champagne. We had a dinner at the restaurant on Sunday night for a lot of wine types and one of the attendees was Carole Champion of Champagne Roland Champion, and she brought along some of their 1969 Champagne that was just disgorged and bottled before she left France.

Left over was a little bit of the 1969 which you see here beside their standard grand cru bottling, which we sell at the restaurant. So I took it home for Ann to try. Not her cup of tea. It is very golden with a big yeasty nose. On the palate, it tastes much like fino sherry (slightly oxidized) with a huge lemony acid component. Not my favorite, but fun to try. We also tried the 2004 Special Club bottling, which is insanely good.

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