Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dog Tired Food

I am at the end of my rope....physically....and....mentally.

It's been a year since I had any real time off. A really hard year of doing the restaurant grind six days a week and trying to squeeze what little personal life I have into one day a week.

Vacation (and belated honeymoon) is next week. If I can hang on.

I'm good for nothing right now. I stared at a draft of Tuesday night's menu for a half an hour yesterday and no ideas came to me. I came home after work and promptly fell asleep. I probably uttered 12 words to my wife yesterday. She hates the person I am right now. And truth be told, so do I.

What to cook when you're dog tired and you are the best cook in town and you cannot bear the thought of going out in public or eating somebody else's substandard food? What do you do when you were so disappointed in your restaurant dinner yesterday that you are craving really, really good food?

Annie hit it right on the head yesterday. It's chilly for April: we had very thick frost yesterday morning and not quite so much this morning, but we're longing for shorts weather, not sweater weather. We needed hot comfort food. We needed a bag of pork ragù out of the freezer. Hot, comforting, and outstandingly good. And we needed a really good bottle of red. F the salad. We didn't need a stinking salad.

Annie, hang in there. Just five more days....

Chalk Hill Estate Red 2009, Beautiful

Young Pecorino Romano, Perfect for Pasta

Ahhh! Sheer Comfort!

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