Monday, September 16, 2013

Wine and Eagles

Yesterday, Sunday the 15th of September (in spite of being the despised nominal due date for tax deposits for all us self-employed individuals) was a prototypically glorious fall day, the model day for how all such days should be, cool in the morning, gently warm in the afternoon's full sun, all blue sky with low humidity and a soft breeze. There was no way that I was staying at home or inside, especially coming off a couple-week wrangle with a fall cold.

Ann is still fighting her own cold but is on the upward swing after bottoming out a couple days ago and decided she wanted to go out to lunch, largely, I think, in an effort to convince herself that she is feeling better. I get that. And so I suggested we go to Delaplane Cellars and bask in the sun with a bottle of wine.

Notice These Mountains...

...on This Label
Not a bad lunch: a bottle of Jim's best (2010 Williams Gap Red), goat cheese, finocchiona, goat cheese, baguette, and chutney.

My Kind of Lunch!

My Kind of Girl!
And as an added bonus, while we were sitting on the patio enjoying our lunch, I was watching the turkey vultures surfing the hillsides around us, I spied another very large bird coming into my field of view from the left. The bird ID part of my brain was working faster than other parts and as I was watching the vultures play, there was a subconscious "eagle coming in from the left" in my head a couple full seconds before the "Eagle?!?! Out here in the hills, away from the river?!?" realization kicked in.



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