Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tacos de Chorizo

Sometimes, I just get cravings and that makes it really easy to decide what to eat. It's those times when I have nothing specific in mind that makes it hard to decide what to make, because I love just about everything. Yesterday was not one of those indecisive days: I woke up craving tacos de chorizo.

And not just tacos de chorizo, but tacos of nicely spicy sausage topped with a sweet-tangy mango salsa and plenty of raw onions and cilantro. And that is precisely what I made.

I prepped the fruit and vegetables all at once over the course of about 15 minutes while talking with Carter about his homework: mango, white onions, green onions, cilantro, jalapeño, poblano, and garlic. The mango went in a bowl with a bunch of green onions, one quarter of a white onion, half a bunch of cilantro, half the (admittedly huge) jalapeño, and 5-6 gloves of minced garlic. This I mixed with a bit of salt, juice of a big lime, and just a touch of agave nectar to balance it out. Notice the color of the salsa. I wanted a fresh, bright green relish to top off the tacos.

Mango Salsa: Sweet, Tangy, Spicy, and Very, Very Fresh

I bought some locally made chorizos, labeled "del Perron" (big dog), which were touted as super-picante. Really? I didn't notice. Setting aside one quarter of the white onion and the other half of the bunch of cilantro for garnishing the tacos, the remainder of the ingredients went into the pan: 5-6 cloves of garlic, half a white onion, the remaining half jalapeño, and a whole poblano. Once these started to work a bit, in went the chorizos and in seconds, we were eating.

Tacos de Chorizo Fully Garnished with Mango Salsa, Onions, Cilantro
Fresh, simple, and craving oh-so satisfied!

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