Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Breakfast for Dinner

Don't you just love breakfast for dinner? Isn't there something fun about eating so-called breakfast foods for dinner? I'm not sure why this appeals to us so, maybe it's just a non-conformist kind of thing, or a reversion to childhood thing, but for whatever reason, I just love savory breakfast foods for my evening meal every once and a while.

Devastatingly Awesome Pork Belly and Grits
Sunday morning, I had planned to serve pork and grits, a dish that regularly features as an appetizer on the restaurant menu, but one that merely because it is restaurant food, I never eat, ever. For some reason, I just got a hankering to taste the pork and grits that our customers love so much, so I brought home some pork belly, some grits, and a little maple syrup to make the dish for Sunday breakfast with our coffee before we headed out to Linden to drink some wine.

Long story short, I got a crappy night's sleep (I lay awake and poured the same four wines into glasses every minute or two between 2 and 5am, a sommelier's nightmare) and so I didn't awaken until 9am or slightly after. I have to be up a couple of hours before I tuck into breakfast (I cannot face the thought of eating before then). Had we eaten at 11, we wouldn't have wanted lunch at around 2 when we planned to eat with friends at the winery. So, we punted on the breakfast and pushed it off to dinner.

Doesn't a big old bowl of warm breakfasty food sound awesome after a hard afternoon's drinking? You bet!

As currently incarnated at the restaurant, pork and grits is a bowl of course yellow grits, topped with a slice of crispy pork belly—belly that we cure in house from awesome Berkshire hogs, topped with a poached egg, and ringed with local hickory syrup. I brought all of this home, except I brought maple syrup instead of hickory, for our breakfast. But by dinner time, we were not all that keen on the sweet component, so I rewarmed and poured over some awesome green chile left from last weekend's breakfast-for-dinner debauchery.

This is manna from the food gods. Praise be to them!

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