Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Delaplane Cellars

Finally a weekend that was free on our calendar and relatively free from awful winter weather! After I loaded up the crock pot with a batch of beef and barley, Ann and I decided to head down the road to Delaplane Cellars, have some lunch, and watch the forecasted snow squalls blow across the mountains.

Looking at the Blue Ridge Near Springlot Vineyard
The overcast winter day afforded me the opportunity to photograph the Blue Ridge just to the west of the tasting room and the Three Sisters range just to the south. When the sun is out to the south and west, the glare is generally so bad that decent photos are impossible.

Three Sisters: What's not to Love about this View?
We were among the first to arrive on a cold, grey Sunday that was threatening snow. Pickings are slim now for wines to taste as we are between vintages and there won't be too much improvement until the new wines are bottled and released after having a chance to settle out. While we were tasting through the current wines on offer at the counter, Jim Dolphin drove up from the house and tasted us on one of the new whites that was just bottled, the 2013 Mélange Blanc, a blend of Vidal Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, and Petit Manseng.

Terrific job on this wine! It has it all, fruit, great body, and super acid from the Petit Manseng. It made me wish for a bowl of green Thai curry in some hot climate. This is going to be a great patio wine come warm weather.

2009 is not 2010
We've been spoiled by the 2010 Williams Gap red blend, which is all sold now. In its stead, we got a bottle of 2009 which is still a really good bottle of wine, but it is not the really awesome 2010. It is a medium-bodied red with copious amounts of plum fruit and spice from the oak regimen. The acidity on this wine is really excellent and helped cut right through our cheeses.

Good Light for Shooting a Still Life

Cheese, Salame, and Bread, a Perfect Sunday Lunch
I love sitting by a big picture window and watching it snow and we had hoped that we might get some of the forecast snow as the weather front moved across the mountains, but it wasn't really to be. We got one good 90-second squall and then nothing. Still, a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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