Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fish Tacos with Mango-Vanilla Salsa

We seem to eat a lot of tacos, tacos suaves, soft tacos in particular. Just click the tacos label in the web view (not the mobile view) to see the various taco postings. There's a reason for that. Tacos are delicious, healthy enough if you use corn tortillas and watch what you put in them, and so easy to fix.

And name somebody who doesn't like tacos. [No, not her. She won't touch anything with her hands because she's afraid of getting a little dirty. No, I meant name somebody who likes to eat who doesn't like tacos.]

This taco isn't very photogenic because I just didn't feel like decorating it, I was starving and I crushed it seconds after snapping this shot with my cell.

Pan-Seared Mahi-mahi and Mango-Vanilla Salsa Taco
I don't usually eat mahi because I find it pretty boring. But when it is fresh, it is decent enough and cheap enough fish. I remember having to fight the bastards off the hooks when we were out tuna fishing. They are seemingly everywhere. I ordered some for a friend and when my fish guy sent me a little too much, I took the excess home for a few dinners during the week. I cut it into thin 1.5 to 2-ounce slices so that it would sear quickly.

Ann Made a Salad While I Seared the Fish

Salsa Mise
Salsa 101. You need cilantro. Check. You need a fruit. Tomatoes aren't in season, but I got a nice mango. Check. You need some onion. Green instead of the usual yellow or white. Check. You need some acid. Lime, check, but you could use lemon, tamarind, or vinegar. You need some heat. No fresh peppers, but I have some chile-garlic sauce. Check. After that, it's all improv on your part. With mangos, I love a touch of brown sugar (or dark rum) and vanilla extract. See the vanilla extract my mother made for us for Christmas? Yay us!

Food Porn
If this picture doesn't get your juices flowing, why are you reading this?

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