Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hot Dog!

It is quite amazing how in tune to each other Ann and I can be sometimes (and vice versa!) Yesterday morning, we were trying to figure out dinner and she mentioned hot dogs. And I exclaimed "Yes, that is exactly what I have been wanting!"

Ready for the Grill

A good hot dog is an absolute thing of beauty and so, so hard to find. The dog has got to be a decent size, have amazing flavor, and the casing has got to have that "Snap!" that dog aficionados love. We have tried some dogs over the years (including these) but none has been what we were looking for.

Until now.

This winter, Costco started carrying smoked beef sausages from San Antonio-based Kiolbassa Provision Company. They looked pretty decent so on a whim (which is exactly what Costco wants and something I almost never do), I brought a pack back to the restaurant whereupon we were blown away by the quality of the sausages. And that is saying something in a kitchen full of cooks who make a lot of sausage.

I was so blown away in fact, that I sent an email to the company telling them how great their product is. And I received a personal reply from their president Michael Kiolbassa inviting me to tour the plant if I get back to San Antonio. I intend to go next chance I get. How coincidental is it that a family with a surname that means sausage is in fact in the sausage business!

Later in the day, Ann called to say that Mark and Kelley were coming by and so I grabbed an extra pack of dogs, not that we needed them. Now that Mark and Kelley have moved to and work at Snowshoe, we rarely get to see them. This was a great treat!

Salivating Much? You Should Be!

Mustard and Onions, What Belongs on a Dog

Dry Furmint, Floral and Sappy

Montepulciano with Dogs. Why Not?

Surprise Visitor to our Party, Right at Dusk
And I guess I just gave away a secret of the restaurant business. Now you know what fine dining chefs eat on their days off!

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