Monday, September 15, 2014

A Perfect Fall Sunday

We could not have asked for a better fall day here in the very northern tip of Virginia. The sun was shining most of the day with a few clouds from time to time and a rather nippy breeze out of the southwest. It felt good to put on a jacket for the first time since late spring and it felt even better to be able to sit outside on the patio and enjoy some precious time with Ann, while drinking a bottle of 2009 Linden Hardscrabble Red. I'm afraid this bottle was a little off: it was a bit disjointed with less fruit than usual, more woodiness, and coming off tart. Still, it's been a long time since we wanted to sit outside and drink red wine. Fall is our collective favorite season.

Fall Sunshine and Red Wine

Bread, Cheese, and Hard Chorizo: a Stellar Lunch
When I bought this little Camembert-like goat cheese at the farmers market on Saturday, I texted a picture of it to Ann, who replied, "I'll make a loaf of bread." And a loaf of bread she did make! This one was bacon-gorgonzola: awesome!

Casarecce, Pancetta e Salvia
For dinner, I made the pasta we have been trying to have for three weeks, with my very own pancetta and sage. This last batch of pancetta that I put up, I might have forgotten and left in the cure for at least three weeks rather than the usual week, and it has turned out to be the best pancetta I have ever cured. Delicious, but after months of strictly watching my carbs, extremely filling. Who would have thought that there would be leftovers from 500g of pasta after Ann, I, and Carter got done with it? That wouldn't have happened six months ago!

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