Monday, January 9, 2017

Glen Manor Vineyards

And as for hike number 2 of our 52-hike challenge this year: Sunday afternoon saw a temperature of 15 degrees with windchill well below zero and Ann is coming off a really bad cold. She felt better temporarily on Tuesday and pitched me an 11-mile hike out in West Virginia, but I reminded her that with her cold and the weather, it wasn't a great idea. She started feeling worse later in the week and the hike got shelved pretty quickly.

I knew Ann needed to get out of the house after being tied to the sofa for a week, but for nothing too strenuous. On Saturday when it seemed she was getting better, I suggested Glen Manor so she and Kelly could catch up, and she was mainly agreeable, but Sunday morning, I could tell she was having second thoughts. I packed us a picnic lunch on Saturday so we could grab it and go on Sunday. We finally made it out of the house closer to 1pm than to noon and arrived to find our car the only one in the parking lot about 45 minutes later.

I had expected it to be slow, but not that slow. As we were catching up with Kelly two other couples and a threesome showed up, but that was it for the duration of the time we were there. I was hoping to catch up with Jeff, but he was hiking from the top of the vineyard to Skyline Drive and back. I was a bit jealous!

The Vineyard is Beautiful with Dusting of Snow

The Big PV Tasted Best to Ann

Terrine, Salame, and Cheese for Lunch

Putting on the Brave Face

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