Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Costco Dinner

Betcha you thought a chef would never grab dinner from Costco. You guessed wrong. We're humans too and we do get tired of cooking dinner too, just like you. So why not let Costco do the heavy lifting once in a while?

Mondays I have to run to Costco to score a few things for the restaurant, stuff like black pepper and milk that we don't use in case quantities, so while I was there I grabbed some stuff for dinner: a flatbread, a roasted chicken, and a jar or organic pesto.

Back at home, Ann made dressing, tossed a quick salad, and picked the meat off both chicken legs while I caramelized about five pounds of onions—might as well do a lot at one time and keep them handy in the fridge. The flat bread got a quick schmear of pesto, a generous slathering of caramelized onions, a scattering of chicken, and a sprinkle of grated cheese. And then into a hot oven for seven minutes. Good teamwork there girlfriend! I love it when we get a chance to cook together.

And the good news is that we still have the chicken carcass and white meat for soup tomorrow.

Paired with this we had a 2008 Pinot Noir "Miller's Vineyard" Willamette Valley (Eola-Amity Hills) from Stangeland Winery thanks to friends Jen and Dewi who picked the wine up when out west. Very red fruit, reasonable acid, medium body compared to some of the heavier 2008 Pinots from Willamette, all in all a really approachable Pinot.

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