Friday, April 20, 2012

Backyard Bounty

I had a tasting at the restaurant last evening and because of lots of other things going on, I wasn't able to focus on the menu in advance. Thursday morning dawned with no plan. But, while I was out walking the dogs, I saw that some of the locust blooms were just starting to open and that gave me the little spark I needed. I walked around the backyard with a bag and collected edibles, both wild and domesticated, for my dinner.

From the lower left clockwise: lemon balm, citrusy in a lemongrass kind of fashion; sheep sorrel, tart and lemony in that oxalic sourgrass way; wild mustard leaves and blooms, sharp and fresh just like domestic mustards; black locust blossoms, tasting divinely like a mix of green pea and honeysuckle; sugar snap tendrils, tasting just like the snap pods themselves; fennel fronds, tasting just like the yet-to-develop bulbs; lovage, like celery with a twist; and cilantro blossoms, gorgeous and tasting like the rest of the plant.

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