Monday, November 19, 2012

Delaplane Cellars

Sunday, with the temperatures just above 50 and the sun shining, we decided to get out and enjoy the day. I thought last weekend was a bonus, but this weekend before Thanksgiving to be outside is a real bonus. Delaplane is kind of our home winery, being that it is the closest winery to us with excellent wines, and yesterday was some kind of event for club members, which we are. We didn't go for the event, but rather to sit in the sun and marvel at the views. We started a trend. After we set up shop out on the patio, a few other tables joined us and ultimately, owner Jim Dolphin came and sat and chatted with us for about 20 minutes. This is why we do the bulk of our winery visits after harvest and during the winter: more time for everyone to sit and chat and catch up.

2010 Williams Gap Reserve is Delicious!

You Don't Want to Know What I Said to Get This Smile!

Awesome Bread from Bakery de France
As Ann says, "Wineries should have good bread." Some do and some don't. This is the only winery that we frequent that uses product from Bakery de France in Rockville. It is really good bread and as good in its own way as the bread that we use (from NYC) at the restaurant.

Local Cheeses/Salame from Croftburn in Culpeper
We first became acquainted with Andrew Campbell and his salame that he markets from his store, Croftburn Market in Culpeper, at the Linden barrel tasting this year. I am really happy to see that Delaplane is selling this delicious sausage.

How's This for a Still Life?

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