Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Garage Wine

Our friend Maggie Malick is the best garagiste that I know. If truth be told, she's the only garagiste that I know! Nonetheless, Ann and I have had several vintages of her wines that she has made literally in her garage and they are among the best wines coming out of Virginia. And she has won tons of medals for her wines over the years, not that I believe too much in medals, but her wine is seriously good.

She and her husband Mark came by the restaurant on Saturday night with Jim and Betsy Dolphin of Delaplane Cellars. Maggie was bearing a 4-pack of wine which she gave to me to take home to Ann as a wedding gift. Wow, what awesome friends we have!

2007 Petit Verdot, 2006 Merlot, and Barefoot Bordeaux '06 and '07
Sunday afternoon while lazing around the house (the first Sunday at home in a long time), we drank the unfiltered Fortissimo! Petit Verdot from 2007! Delicious!

Maggie's about to open her own show (Maggie Malick Wine Caves) in the spring at her farm/vineyard in Loudoun County and we can't wait! We'll be among the very first visitors!

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