Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Polenta with Grilled Vegetables

Well, we certainly can't complain that we don't have summer weather now. The heat and the cloying humidity are just right for July here in Virginia. But the positive aspect of summer is that our summer flowers and avian friends are here as well. We got outside a little in the morning before retreating from the heat of the day. And we got to see that our sunflowers (not planted by us, of course) are starting to bloom as are the grass pinks, the hibiscus, the anise hyssop, and the bee balm, these last two favorites of the hummingbird that we watched working around the patio. We picked our first cucumber and the fig bush is loaded with tiny baby figs. At the market, squash, peppers, and eggplants have finally arrived and so I brought some of each home for dinner.

Polenta with Grilled Vegetables and Chorizo
After much discussion, we decided to do grilled vegetables with a little chorizo over polenta. Ann minded the polenta while I watched the World Cup final and then I grilled the vegetables and cooked up a little chorizo with a bunch of garlic. I chopped the veg and mixed them with the chorizo and a lot of fresh basil from the garden and over the polenta it went. Delicious summer eats!

Ready for Grilling

Ann's Favorite

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