Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Margaritas and Nachos

Sunday, a date with junk food. It's been a year since Nachos and Margaritas. If you're going to be bad, be bad. We were bad!

Ann made the nachos while I juiced the limes and made the margaritas.

Ready for the Oven
The chips got a generous helping of black beans (refried in lard), nopalitos, pickled jalapeños, and cheese. And once out of the oven got a handful each of green onions and cilantro.

Ready to Eat

Squeezing Limes for Margaritas
Almost an emergency: no Cuervo to be found! Fortunately there was a bottle of no-name tequila plata in the far corner of the liquor cabinet. When I asked Ann what kind of tequila it is (it apparently predates my tenure at the house), she said, "It's hangover tequila!" Oh boy! We were bad.

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