Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Warm Black Bean Salad

We've been really trying to watch what we eat and to make sure that our carbs are complex and healthy. Beans fit that bill wonderfully. And we love beans, so it is win-win.

Black Beans
Ann has been asking me to make her batches of black bean burgers that she can eat during the week when I am not there. I like to cook the beans one day and then let them refrigerate overnight so that we can form them into patties. While the beans are still warm, I'll add a tiny little bit of masa harina to them to help them stiffen when they cool.

Of course the first night before I add the masa and before the beans are refrigerated they make a wonderful warm salad when topped with chipotle salsa, fresh tomatoes, pickled nopalitos, green onions, sliced romaine, and cilantro. The black beans themselves are cooked with poblano chile, onion, lots of garlic, cilantro stems, cumin, ancho powder, and oregano.

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