Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Ever had a craving for something? Of course you have. Yesterday, for me it was black beans and nopalitos. I was headed home early afternoon after a morning of deskwork and wanted some lunch. I knew I had some roasted salmon and a some black beans in the refrigerator. The black beans were left from the other night with roasted rockfish. I was going to make a salad with chunks of salmon, black beans, and I wanted something pickled with that, nopalitos to be precise.

I texted Ann to inquire if we had nopalitos in the fridge and she replied, "Yes. Nachos?!?!!" I wasn't in the mood for nachos, but didn't want to disappoint her either.

I grabbed a chunk of queso chihuahua out of the cooler on the way home. And on the way home, I grabbed some green onions, chips, and cilantro at the market. At home, I shredded the queso, thinly sliced a couple of fresh jalapeños from the fridge, sliced the green onions, and pulled the leaves off the cilantro.

Fully Loaded Nachos
I turned Ann loose on decorating the nachos and this is what she came up with; these just out of the oven, before being topped with fresh cilantro. They were so not healthy, but they were so good!

Food Porn Version of Same

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