Thursday, July 7, 2016

So-So Sushi

So-So Sushi
Tuesday night I was scheduled to be off, but when I arrived at the restaurant, I found a message from an old high school friend that he and his wife were traveling north and would be in town for dinner at the restaurant. I couldn't not see him and so I suggested to Ann that we meet him and his wife at the restaurant for a drink and then we would leave them to their dinner and go out ourselves and get some sushi. That is, turn it into date night. To my surprise, she was OK with it. I expected her to resist; she is rightfully jealous of our time together.

Long story short, our favorite sushi place was closed for a well-earned mini-vacation after the 4th of July break, so we ended up at another place to which we had never been. As usual, I let Ann pick what we were having and so we ended up with an assortment of nigiri and maki. The fish quality was so-so, the portions were small, and the craftsmanship was minimal. If you click on the picture you can see that the ginger is hanging off the plate, the eel is beat up, and the hamachi is not the right color, indicative of poor quality fish. The spicy tuna roll didn't even look like tuna and wasn't spicy. Maybe it wasn't the correct order, but in any case, either way, it shows indifference. And indifference I don't need. I won't be going back.

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