Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just a Wednesday Night Dinner

Wednesday evenings are one of the few nights Ed and I get to have dinner together. Sometimes I cook but most nights Ed does the cooking as it is a true labor of love for him, and who am I to complain. Tonight Ed whipped up a roasted pork tenderloin accompanied by roasted haricots verts and wedges of celery root. I had never had celery root until tonight and all I can say is that I have a new favorite vegetable. The flavor is that of a sweet celery and the texture like a potato. I am in heaven as I think of the many ways I can enjoy it - mashed, pureed or maybe even a soup. I am very excited for Ed's next trip to Freight Station Farmers Market so he can bring home some more of this ugly, uninteresting, knobbly root.

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