Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Wedding: Friends

After the ceremony, it was party on! Boo Snider pulled out his guitar and serenaded us and then played a few tunes. I noticed that he and several other diehard Redskins fans bolted right after this to go catch the game: party poopers!

Boo Sang for Us

Nice Photo of the Old Epiphone by my Father

Watching the Ceremony

Jim and Sandy

Congratulations from an old Friend

Tom and Amanda

Dennis and Dimitri

Dennis Horning in on my Girl!

Mike and Dennis


Photographer Extraordinaire with the 500kw Smile

Clowning Around

Ricky and Brittany

Kenny and Mel, Traitors: Bailed Early to Watch Football!

Bill McKenney Holding Court; KO and Photographer Steve Wright

Cake Decorator Donald and Cindy

Terry Relaxing without the Camera
Kelley, Mark, and Jen

Pretty Smiles

Dewi Armed for Combat

Billy and Shawn

Preston and Myret

Patty Always Hides from the Camera; Stealth Shot of her and Neil

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