Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Wedding: Pre-Game

Just before guests started arriving, Ann and her coterie of girlfriends headed upstairs to the bedroom for a little sparkling wine and girl stuff before the ceremony. Naturally, I didn't see Ann or her dress until the moment that Carter escorted her out the back door to where I was standing.

Nor did I have any time to worry about her dress. I was busy as a one-armed paperhanger downstairs greeting all the new arrivals and making sure that they got a glass of sparkling wine.

Karen, Kelley, Amanda, Ann, Jen, and Cindy

Getting Sparkles in her Hair

Something Borrowed

Something Blue!!

Carter Got to Join the Girls

My Aunt Susan Gives Carter a Boutonnière

Ann Had no Idea My Cousin Melissa was Coming

Ann Gets her Bouquet from my Mother

Meeting my Sister Kathy

And my Brother Mac

And We Got Sandy in Attendance under the Radar!

Not Much of a Good Day for the Beasts!

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