Monday, March 10, 2014


Our friends Pete and Laurie, with whom we visited in Fredericksburg back in December, came up for the weekend to stay with us. After they and Ann dined at the restaurant on Saturday night, I cooked breakfast for all of us back at the house on Sunday morning. It might have been nice to go out for a good breakfast, but good breakfasts are in very short supply in Winchester.

The first thing I did was to stick a bread-butter-and-jelly bread pudding in the oven to bake while I made and we ate breakfast proper, so that the bread pudding would be just done when we were done with the savory part of breakfast which was basically leftovers from the restaurant, repackaged as breakfast.

Grits, Chile Verde, Pork Belly, Poached Egg, Pimentón Sauce, Radishes
Breakfast proper was a pile of golden Anson Mills grits topped with a strip of crispy pork belly and a little pork chile verde. On top I perched a poached egg and garnished with pimentón sauce, fresh baby radishes from the farmers market, and cilantro. Yeah! When I eat breakfast, this is howI like to eat.

Focaccia and Cassis Jam Bread Pudding
I have been missing my maternal grandmother of late, though she has been dead for around a quarter century. When I would come visit her during college in the last years of her life, she would often make me a simple bread pudding by buttering white bread, smearing it with jam, layering it in a gratin, and pouring a custard over it. Louise, this bread pudding of focaccia smeared with butter and cassis jam is for you!

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