Monday, March 31, 2014

Date Night

This winter has been pretty devastating for restaurant business and as a result, money is super scarce right now so Ann and I haven't really been able to dine out for a while. With the weather turning nice, though, we needed to get out and spend some adult time together and so Monday night, we decided to go get some sushi.

Ann likes a cocktail before dinner, so I decided to surprise her with one of my newest creations called "A Passion for Whiskey" made from Maker's Mark bourbon, St. Germain, passionfruit syrup, lemon juice, and Old Fashioned bitters. This is probably the best cocktail I have ever devised!

Here's to Spring!

The sushi restaurant that we decided to go to is just a few hundred yards from our restaurant, so we parked at the restaurant, where our dishwasher and some of his friends were scrubbing the deck and getting it ready to open for the season. While Ann was chit-chatting with everyone outside, I nipped in and made us cocktails. It was way too nice, the first nice day of spring, to sit inside and after yesterday's snow showers, a glorious, glorious opportunity to take in some warmth outside, so I brought the cocktails outside. All the deck furniture was in the parking lot, so we sat in the parking lot and toasted the season!

Cocktails over, we moved on to Awabi where friend, owner, and sushi chef Marcus Doe made us some of his delights.

Random Rolls Ann Ordered; I'm More of a Nigiri Fan

Neat Little Wasabi Dishes with Chop Stick Rests; Fresh Frozen Wasabi

Whelk and Squid: Best Bites of the Night

Toro Maguro

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