Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Naan Pizza

Early Monday morning as I was getting ready to leave work to head out on my usual restaurant-related errands, I got an emphatic text from Ann to the effect of "let's have veggie naan pizzas for dinner (and I don't want to hear any arguments from you)". Well, OK, then. Let's have naan pizzas.

Fortunately, Costco has OK naan in stock, so I grabbed them and a ball of fresh mozzarella. At the market, I got a bulb of fennel and a couple of red peppers. Back home, I sliced the fennel, peppers, a mound of garlic, and two huge onions and put them on a low flame for about three hours. The veggie pizza topping was nice and soft and caramelized by dinner time.

Naan, Caramelized Onion/Fennel/Peppers, Fresh Mozzarella
Carter seems to be squeamish these days about certain vegetables including peppers and fennel, but I notice that if I bury them on a pizza, he eats them. Maybe not enthusiastically, but he does eat them. Besides being a great way to get some vegetables into your teenager, naan pizzas are quick and delicious!

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