Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nachos and Margaritas

I took my cue from Ann on Sunday. She was in the mood to eat bad and by bad I mean junk food. I suggested fully loaded nachos and margaritas. She agreed most enthusiastically and we headed out to FoodMaxx for supplies: blue corn Tostitos, hint of lime Tostitos, cilantro, green onions, queso quesadilla, refried pinto beans, jalapeños en escabeche, and chipotle salsa. At home, we had a jar of nopalitos to add to the mix. Once the nachos came out of the oven, we poured the chipotle salsa over the top. San Marcos makes a great salsa that is just blended chipotles and adobo. It's a winner.

Hot out of the Oven
Prepping the nachos was a tag-team effort. Ann put half the toppings on the chips and I put the other half on. Carter, hearing rustling of chip bags, made a hasty appearance and made a raid on the chips. He expressed concerned that we were making "Ed nachos," the derogatory teen term for "fancy" nachos, when he saw Ann putting jalapeños and nopalitos on the chips. But I notice that this did not stop him from eating the chips or coming back for seconds or thirds.

Nachos with Chipotle Salsa
I love FoodMaxx, but they don't have a good selection of gringo food there and I guess that frozen limeade concentrate is gringo food. I was surprised to find Tostitos there too; previously their selection of chips was nil. So, we settled for a can of passionfruit concentrate from which to make our margaritas. [It was a lazy Sunday and no, I was not juicing a gazillion limes for real margaritas. So there.] It's not the same thing, but at least passionfruit has good acidity. Even though I added extra lime juice to the margaritas, they still came out a bit sweet. We should have thrown in the towel and made the extra trip to the regular grocery store.

Passionfruit Margarita

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