Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summertime and the Eating is Good

I Love Summer Vegetables
The next 8 weeks are the best of the entire year for eating in our part of the world. Squash, eggplants, beans, early peppers, corn, potatoes, and tomatoes, glorious tomatoes, are all now available in great quantities. And so I took advantage of the farmers market bounty this weekend to load up the refrigerator with good stuff for Ann to eat during the week while I am at work.

I tapped into that bounty for dinner last night: sliced tomatoes including a Green Zebra from our garden, Romano beans boiled until tender (25 minutes) and dressed in olive oil, and the tiniest baby redskin new potatoes boiled until tender (12 minutes) and dressed with butter and parsley from the garden.

I just love these vegetables. New potatoes cannot be beat. And for meaty goodness, Romano beans are outstanding. I could wax poetic about tomatoes, but instead, I will just eat some every day until we run out in October.

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