Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Monday evening, Ann, Carter, and I planned to go have sushi at Awabi where owner Marcus Doe's skills are getting better and better all the time. Carter had some requests, otherwise, I asked Marcus to send out whatever he would for us. These two plates of sashimi were beautifully done.

Beautiful Sashimi

Part of Carter's Haul
Having a teenager along, especially one who is a ravenous sushi hound, definitely increased the bill. He ate a third of the sushi for the table, the two rolls you see above, and another lollipop roll on top of that! At least he suffered to be seen in public with Ann and me. That is definitely not a given.

The Rolls are Beautiful


Only 5 Frames to Get a Smile
As I said last time we were here, it felt so normal to be sitting outside in front of the restaurant eating like real people. In this business, we don't get to feel normal very often. It was a really wonderful evening out!

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