Friday, May 4, 2012

Still Life: Rambutans and Riesling

I was screwing around with the camera, trying to learn a little more about photography. This was taken handheld in very dark conditions with a very long exposure. Not pleased with the label on the wine bottle or the depth of focus, but I kind of like the composition.

While shopping for our upcoming Seís de Mayo party, we ran across some fresh rambutans, a fruit that neither of us had eaten before. This hairy relative of the lichee looks rather bizarre but is really a delicious fruit with notes of sweet melon, peach and jackfruit. The texture of the flesh surrounding the small pit is similar to a firm grape, but like jackfruit the flesh is not juicy. When I peeled the flesh away from the seed of some rambutans, it would pull some of the seed coating away attached to the flesh. This seed coating has an almond-like flavor.

Carter and his friend Dallas demolished most of them. The few they left on the counter overnight dried out quickly. It seems best to store them covered

The Lucashof Riesling QbA from the Nahe is a delicious value-priced halbtrocken (half dry) with all the nose and flavor of a classic Riesling, but with a lot less sugar, making it a delicious aperitif wine.

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