Thursday, March 28, 2013

Huevos de Pato con Chorizo

Sunday morning we awoke to see that a large spring snowstorm had just trashed the Midwest and had us dead center in its sights. There seemed no doubt that we were going to get dumped on once again. It also seemed like getting to work on Monday would be problematic and closing of school seemed a foregone conclusion. So I suggested to Ann to head to FoodMaxx and stock up on some food for a long snowy weekend. We hunkered down this weekend and did what we always do when the weather turns against us: we cooked and drank wine and had a great old time sitting in front of the fire!

It is never a really good idea to go shopping for food when you're really hungry and by the time we got to the store, we were really hungry. After grabbing a bunch of stuff for dinner, we started thinking about what to eat for breakfast/lunch. Ann said, "We have duck eggs!" and we were off to grab some chorizos to make one of my most beloved foods ever, huevos con chorizo.

Duck Eggs and Salvadoran Chorizos
That's an Extra Large Rhode Island Red Egg on the Right!
If you've never worked with duck eggs, you have absolutely no clue what you're missing. You can see the huge size difference between a duck egg and an extremely large chicken egg in the photo above. But what you can't see in the photo is how rich and creamy duck eggs are compared to chicken eggs. Once you eat a duck egg, you will never want another chicken egg, I assure you.

Good news for us is that the ducks have been laying for about three weeks now and after a long winter without, we are now back in duck eggs again. And customers at the restaurant are also the beneficiaries of these avian gifts: we make all our pastries with duck eggs during the season.

¡Que Delicioso!

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