Thursday, March 28, 2013


While we were in FoodMaxx on Sunday morning trolling through the meat case for chorizo, we spied these super-marbled steaks for an incredibly low price. These elongated rib eyes were labeled "lomo" and are more marbled than most USDA Prime beef that I have seen.

I am just not a steak fan. There, I have said it in public. Let the crucifixion begin. To put it in perspective, I had two steaks in all of 2012 and one was a lamb steak. But Ann loves steak and because these steaks look so nice, I let her talk me into it. Misteak!

These steaks look beautiful, but they turned out not to be very good after all. I realize that we are extremely spoiled by getting the best beef ever from Martin's Angus Beef in The Plains. Still, these steaks should have tasted better. They ended up tasting like liquid suet, which is not a good thing.

Potatoes Awaiting Roasting
Even though neither Ann nor I made much headway on our steaks, we didn't starve. We roasted a batch of delicious redskin potatoes; Ann made a fantastic salad; and I caramelized a big pan of onions to go on the steak. So even though the steak was a big misteak, we actually ate very well!

Delicious, if Stemmy, Local Mesclun

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