Friday, May 3, 2013

Honeymoon: Portland Japanese Garden

Friday May 2, Portland OR

A more spectacular May day we may never see again in our lives and as we wound our way the back way past Raptor Ridge winery and into first Beaverton and then in to Portland, the weather was begging us to stop at the Washington Park/Zoo/Rose Gardens/Japanese Garden complex overlooking the city just off highway 26. I had been there many times before in the past and wanted Ann to see what a beautiful place it is especially on such a gorgeous day. Because we were too early for roses, we decided to walk up the hill from the Rose Gardens and visit the Portland Japanese Garden, a spectacular place if there ever was one.

Because the weather was so nice, the park was overrun by people, both locals and tourists, but mainly locals making a three-day weekend for themselves. I can't blame them: I have never seen such a run of beautiful weather in Portland in my life. It was so nice that I saw Mt. Hood more times in this one trip than I have seen in all the times I have been to Portland in my life prior to this time. In the second photo below, you can see Hood just in the background, looking all Fujiyama-like behind the Japanese lantern.

Of the 150 or so frames I took while I was there, I gave myself a limit of 20 for this post. I believe 19 follow. Enjoy.

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