Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Perciatelli with Clams and Cannellini

Perciatelli with Clams and Cannellini
Sunday was going to be a great day. We've been scraping by and watching our finances for months and finally came up with enough money to have a real date at a restaurant for lunch on Sunday. Ann chose the Wine Kitchen spin-off in Purcellville called WK Hearth. We love the wine flights concept of the Wine Kitchen in Leesburg and though the food wasn't amazing when we were last there, it wasn't bad either, and the overall experience was a good one. So we were really looking forward to our Sunday lunch at WK Hearth.

Suffice it to say that things started off badly there and quickly went from bad to worse. At one point in the meal, Ann caught my eye and said one word, the name of another restaurant we ate in some time ago where the food was so bad that we left our meal uneaten, paid our bill, and stopped by the grocery store on the way home to buy a box of pasta for dinner. Sunday, we also left our food largely uneaten, our wine undrunk, paid our bill, and scrapped our plans for visiting a random Loudoun County winery in favor of going back home and making pasta. And that's a hell of a note. We scrimped and we saved and we deprived ourselves and when we finally did get to go out, the whole experience sucked. At least we can see the humor in the situation!

Regardless, we had planned to have pasta for dinner, pasta with clam sauce, so we just moved our timetable up a little and ate dinner a little earlier than we might have otherwise. My clam sauce is pancetta (plus a little bacon because my next batch of pancetta is still curing), shallots, garlic, clams, white wine, butter, and parsley. There was also a pint of cannellini in the fridge from something that Ann had made earlier, so in they went too.

All in all, despite the restaurant woes, Sunday was a great day. Any day that I get to spend with Ann is a great day.

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