Monday, July 30, 2012

Boxwood Estate Winery

After a miserably slow week at work, I was ready to get away and do something, anything that didn't involve standing around and wondering if customers were going to show up. And so I was really looking forward to our planned trip to visit Boxwood Winery with Donald and Terry. It was a fantastic day weatherwise: puffy white clouds against a beautiful blue sky and a temperature well below 90F with a refreshing breeze; quite the delightful day for the end of July!

We met Donald and Terry in the parking lot just off the crush pad and walked around front to the courtyard where manager Amanda Galanis came bounding out to greet us. Her husband Dimitri was right behind her. It was awesome of Amanda to come in on her day off to meet us, give Don and Terry the grand tour, and sit with us and share wine.

Amanda and Dimitri on the Crush Pad

Mr. Cooke's House is over Donald's Left Shoulder

Ann and I Missed the Memo about Wearing Blue

How Gorgeous is the Sky Framing the Windvane?

I Love the Petunias Draping over the Boxwood Planters
After tasting the 2011 rosé and the 2010 reds, all of which are delicious, we had a bottle of the rosé and then switched to the Topiary. All the wines are delicious, but the softer Cabernet Franc blend of the Topiary seems to be our favorite for the summer. No doubt we'll be drinking the more muscular Cabernet Sauvignon-based Boxwood blend when cooler weather arrives. The Trellis blend that was terribly angular right after it was bottled has really come around and is delicious as well.

Topiary, our Favorite Boxwood for the Summer
Amanda, thanks once again for your warm hospitality!

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