Friday, July 6, 2012

Fourth of July

There's no point in having the restaurant open on July the 4th. Except for a handful of tourists, nobody wants to eat out on the 4th, so we close and take the day off. We decided to have just a small family grill-out, Ann, Carter, and me, but somehow as these things do, we ended up with a whole collection of people: Kelley and Mark, Tony, my daughters Lillie and Ellie, my niece Kali, and Lillie's boyfriend Jack.

Mark Does his "Evil" Face

Tony, what a Dork!

Jack, Lillie, Ellie, Kali

My Neck is Being Squoze

The menu was really simple. With the temperature in the high 90s and low 100s, it is so hot that I don't really feel like cooking at home especially after dealing with the heat and humidity of the restaurant kitchen. So simplicity was the order of the day: hot dogs, hamburgers, guacamole, and potato salad. Ann got into the spirit of things with a beautiful flag cake decorated with blueberries and red raspberries.

Burger Toppings

Cheese, Lettuce, Onion, Bacon, and Guac?!?

How Appropriate! Red, White, and Blue Potatoes

Killer Potato Salad: Bacon, Parsley, Green Onions, Chives, Sour Cream

Guac Mise

How Much Guac Do 12 Avos Make?

Proud Cake Maker

Beer and Sparklers!

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