Monday, October 15, 2012

Blind Tasting

Yesterday after we got back from our very brief stay at Valerie Hill winery, my lovely wife had arranged a surprise—a blind tasting. We were outside continuing to eat her marvelous rosemary bread topped with local goat cheese, her fig and grape jam, and prosciutto when she went inside and returned with two brown-bagged bottles of wine and four glasses. Poor, poor, pour, pour me! ;)

Ann's Rosemary Bread with Goat Cheese, Fig and Grape Jam, Prosciutto
I tasted both wines and guessed right off that wine B was Hedges 2009 Red Mountain, but after pondering wine A, I thought it might have been the very wonderful and very local Glen Manor Hodder Hill 2008. It proved to be Hedges 2008 Red Mountain, a wine that I just love. The 2009 is a very good wine. The 2008 is an outstanding wine. What a great surprise!

Battle of the Hedges, 2008 vs. 2009

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