Friday, December 7, 2012


Bacon and Eggs on Garlic Bagel
Every now and again, don't you find yourself really hungry with a specific, identifiable craving for that one food that you just have to have to assuage the hunger? That happened to Ann and me this weekend in kind of a jinx moment as we were driving to pick up Carter in Berryville: we both said that we were craving bagels at nearly the same instant.

On the way back home we detoured into Winchester and picked up bagels at City Bagels owned by longtime friend Frank d'Alessio. [Frank, the bagels have lost a little chew in the last year. What's up? Did you change to softer flour?] Back at home, I fried up some bacon, scrambled a couple of eggs, and toasted the bagels in the frying pan.

What you see here was crushed and devoured!

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