Thursday, March 12, 2015

Linden Vineyards in Snow

Sunday was a good day and a bad day all rolled into one. A good day in the sense that it was the first spring-like day of the year and a bad day in the sense that we have been going through some struggles of late. I'm not sure either of us really felt like getting out of the house, but in the end, we navigated our way to Linden and took advantage of the beautiful weather to sit out on the deck, even while the vineyard was covered in snow.

Linden is Beautiful in all Seasons
Feasting out on the Deck
One reason we like to go in the off season is that Jim picks a wine from his library to open to pour by the glass and that gives us an opportunity to taste some of his wines with a bit of age on them. In this case, we both enjoyed a glass of the 2006 Boisseau Red.

This Week's Library Pour

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