Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Potato and Chorizo Breakfast Scramble

It was noon on Sunday and Ann and I were at the restaurant foraging for ingredients for meatball subs for dinner and we were starving, not yet having eaten. We needed to eat and were discussing what to make for breakfast when she mentioned that we had a bunch of yellow potatoes at home. From there, we got pretty quickly to "Let's pick up some chorizo on the way home and do a breakfast scramble."

Delicious Potato and Chorizo Breakfast Scramble
Dice one yellow potato per person and cook it three-fourths done in a sauté pan. Crumble the chorizo into the pan and brown it. By the time the chorizo is done, the potatoes will be done. Beat well one and a half eggs per person, season to taste (I use salt, pepper, and sriracha), and pour over the potatoes and sausage. Stir occasionally until done.

There is something quintessentially breakfast about potatoes, sausage, and eggs and I'd eat this for breakfast every day if my belly wouldn't grow to be the size of a house!

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